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The car pulled up slowly, allowing the soldiers guarding the place to check the driver's pass before the doors opened up. Miranda looked out the back window. She nervously gulped to herself. She was a pretty high employee but this was a whole new level. This was classified work. In her thirty years of work she hadn't been escorted in an armoured truck. The guy sat next to her seemed pretty bored. She had been assigned to be his temporary PA until he found a replacement for the old one. "Uhm, I suppose you've worked here a while then?" she trembled a little, damn it, why was this place giving her the creeps? "I've come for personal reasons. It's been a while since I was here."

Saying no more he stepped out of the vehicle when it rolled to a stop by the single door into the facility. Miranda quickly followed suit. The one door was ominous; the facility around it was large and the door, when opened, was at least as thick as her head. She was surprised to see a normal looking lab inside with many people working there "This doesn't seem so bad" she sighed with relief. "This isn't" he replied. His dark suit was well made and clashed with the white coats some were wearing whilst they worked with chemicals. "This is the top floor. It's where chemicals which are rare or not for public use are used, we needed the security here anyway so we thought we'd make the most of it and put this lab here too to save costs."
He began to walk forward. Miranda waited hesitantly, where was he heading? Obviously she lingered too long when he turned to her "C'mon Ms Henesaw, don't you watch the sci-fi films? We're going down." Thus said he pointed to a tiny hatch at one end of the room that had a soldier stood on it. When they approached he drew his gun up but the man showed a pass and there was understanding in the man's eyes, and…Miranda frowned, a look of pity? The hatch was just big enough for the man to squeeze into. Carefully she wriggled her way through and walked down the steps to an elevator. She noticed in the ceiling there was a thick strip of metal but didn't understand what it was until she walked past it, slowly a door lowered into the ground. She stared before his impatient cough had her running to the elevator. What the hell were they going to see?

"I think I'm going to be sick, I get motion sickness quickly. How deep is this thing?" Miranda crouched down for a moment. They'd been moving for almost two minutes. When the thing finally stopped the quick reversal of inertia brought up the contents of her stomach "We're about four miles down now." He said, not looking too pleased about her display but glad she'd missed his legs. He looks so cold. He could only be twenty four at most? What the hell's happened to this kid?

She followed him through several corridors, all with intensive security.

Finally they reached another small yet thick door. The man stepped through to a chair below a lamp, the rest of the place was in darkness, she couldn't tell how big the place was. "Don't step beyond me" her employer muttered before going and sitting cross-legged on the folding chair. He removed his shades, letting out what seemed to be a smug smile. "Hello little brother."

Miranda blinked. Was that a code? Why-- "Be a darling and flick that light switch for me?" she snapped out of her thoughts and reached over. That was odd, he spoke differently now. When the lights came on she gasped. The whole room consisted of bare concrete with only the lamp, chair and door to break the monotony. The room wasn't big like she thought it was. Instead she was only just missing the ceiling by a few inches and the room was, at most 10x24ft with them being at one end and at the other…

A boy. He looked to be about 15. He sat naked, cross legged on the floor, numerous cables were connected to him, dug deep into his flesh so they couldn't be removed. But why? Even on patients who had cables attached to prevent pulling out were not this extreme.

"It's been some time… how are--" the lad who was sat before them suddenly arched, a scream the like of which Miranda had never heard before erupted from his mouth. "Oh! I must have got the timing wrong." He sat and waited as the boy convulsed. Finally after two minutes (Miranda timed it in her head) he laid, legs still crossed, back on the floor, panting heavily. When he settled down she couldn't see his face but she could see how tense he was. "Anyway, how are you? Mother's been doing well and your sister has won that gymnastics award I told you she was aiming for. Very pleased with herself, I'd show you a photo if I were allowed."

What on earth was going on? This man was talking to the boy like a breezy conversation, despite having no response. And what was those convulsions just now "What is wrong with your um…little brother? Epilepsy?" she whispered. He shook his head then speaking in a normal volume he explained "Those were powerful electrical shocks administered straight into his spinal cord to go through every nerve in his body. Administered regularly" He said it so casually she was taken aback. "B-but why?"

The man's tone grew dark "Because he is different. And dangerous." He seemed chirpy as he continued his one sided conversation but when she looked she saw tears well up in his eyes. The kid made no reply. Just the steady rise and fall of his chest was the only indication he was alive at all. Miranda felt so bad for him, what could this child possibly have done which meant he was the sole guarded treasure of this place? She blinked a couple of times, no, he was no treasure, the darkness, the guards, the lack of any human elements to his habitat. He was a prisoner.

She felt sorry for him. This poor boy, tortured so horrendously. "We really do miss you. It's a shame you can't come home ever." The man waited for the shocks to pass before continuing. "Oh and again mother says it's not your fault for being born who you are and all that crap."

Miranda couldn't take it anymore. Nothing could be so wrong with that boy that he'd be locked up like this. She stepped forward beyond her employer. This lad needed comfort; she'd been told it was a twelve year project, so the poor soul had been here since he was three, going through all of that, he had probably lost his mind.

"Ms Henesaw!!" the man exclaimed, not going past where his chair was though he wanted to reach out and grab her.
Something else did. She saw nothing but some force tugged her towards the boy. The young suited man had gone quiet; the scraping of her toes just touching the ground was the only sound. The boy lifted his head and look at her for a moment. "A-are you alright? I thought you might want a hug; that seems painful…" her voice trembled. His blue, blue eyes watched her momentarily. She was almost mesmerized, until she realised there was still some force around her, slightly constricting her movements and pinning her arms to her sides. With a gasp she felt her feet lift the ground until she was held above him looking right into those eyes, she hadn't noticed before but two iron cuffs were around his wrists, which is why he hadn't moved them when he fell back. He scowled, gently a voice from the chair sighed, almost disappointedly "It's a shame Ms Henesaw, if you had waited another few minutes the shocks would have saved you."

She turned to look at him, what did he mean? "Miranda." Her head snapped back to look at her captor. "Her name is Miranda, Daniel." How did this boy know? The older brother who she learnt was called Daniel simply sighed. "Oh Marcus I wish you wouldn't…"

Such a mess. They didn't even bother with a body bag this time. Just used a shovel to put the pieces in a bin bag, wasn't much else to pick up.

Daniel sighed. Couldn't Marcus let ANYONE within several feet of him? His caretakers had to use long metal brushes to sweep away the mess so he couldn't catch them or use wooden brooms against them. Well, it was time to look for yet another PA. He turned before leaving the door "See you next time little brother. Love you loads, bye now." He placed his shades on and left. The boy Marcus, knowing he would later have a cold hose turned on him to wash off the blood, simply sighed and watched the shaft of light from the door on the ceiling above where he laid get narrower and narrower until he was plunged into darkness.

"Love you too…"
Another three page short story.

I won't be answering any questions about anything to do with this.

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